AutoTuning 就是一个简单OI题

这题目本来是 NV 内部做 OSU 测试的一个小工具,拿出来给我们做题。题目要求根据不同 rank 之间的数据交换能力,做简单的调优,

Task 1-3: Understand MPI_alltoallv calls

Write a program with an input flag for pattern, on the Niagara cluster using 4 nodes, each with 40 ppn (full), total of 160 ppn, with balanced and unbalanced pattern.

The program should run 1000 iterations of MPI_alltoallv using the following characteristics.

Task 4: Use Go+Front end to visualize the alltoallv pattern

We chose to use Go message passing because of no need for the performance dynamically and draw using antd design graph rather than draw directly using gnuplot2 which is legacy for display. The downsides is the frontend occupy too much memory and takes a little bit longer especially for the wrf.

Task 5: Write a online algorithm to reaffine the pattern to makes it faster.

static calculation using MPI static analysis, and do a DP swap for data red heatmap part. The code